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Our areas of research are in multi-physics multi-scale modeling and sustainability analysis. We focus on materials and environment interactions. Structures are constantly exposed to coupled environmental and mechanical conditions. Temperature fluctuation, relative humidity, chloride, liquids flow, erosion, scouring, and oxidative aging in combination with mechanical loadings degrade and change material properties. Meanwhile, structures put pressure on the environment. The growth in emissions of carbon dioxide, implicated as a prime contributor to climate change, is a problem that can no longer be ignored. Sustainability analysis needs to be considered in design procedures.

We use theoretical and computational mechanics to unravel the link between the composition, microstructure, and performance of complex materials under different intense environmental and mechanical loadings. This integration of computational techniques and material sciences provides the structural and materials mechanics a tool to design new resilient, sustainable, and multifunctional systems, which will lead to addressing societal challenges such as meeting energy demands and manufacturing innovative design.

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Maryam Shakiba, Ph.D.
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